Including Microblading, Microshading, Ombre Brows, Powder Brows, and Cover Up Correction.

Day 1-10 (or until healed)

  • -On Day 1, you can clean to remove any lymph that may surface with cotton and distilled water only. 

  • Apply Aquaphor (Or Grapeseed Oil) once daily with a Q-Tip (do not double dip). Use non aggressive movements.

  • While showering, avoid splashing water on the face. Cleansing your face may be easiest with makeup remover wipes, or spot clean with a clean washcloth. You should not allow the wipes/washcloth to come in contact with your new brows. 

  • For best results on Oily skin, you should dry heal as much as possible.

  • Keep the skin free from any water, sweat, and all skincare products. Sweat contains salt, and will remove color.

  • Avoid tweezing, waxing, and sun exposure until skin is healed.

  • Remember to schedule a touch up appointment within 30-60 days to avoid paying an additional touch-up fee.

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  • If you should experience swelling, an ice pack may be applied lined with paper towel. Icing is most effective in the first 24 hours following the procedure.

  • Using a fresh Q-Tip, apply a light coat of Aquaphor to the tattooed area twice a day. Keeping the area moist during the first 5-7 days will help the tattooed area hold color and heal evenly. It is normal for the pigment to fade 30-50% within the first two weeks.

  • Do not touch the tattooed area with your fingers. This increases your risk of infection. Do not rub or scratch your eyes. This increases your risk of a corneal abrasion.

  • Do not apply makeup or mascara on or near the tattooed area for 7 days. Purchase new makeup or mascara to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.

  • Do not scrub or pick at the tattooed area. Doing so can cause the pigment underneath to be pulled out. Allow the epithelial skin to flake off by itself. 

  • Do not use makeup remover or creams and avoid pools, saunas and hot tubs for two weeks.

  • Do not wear contact lenses for 72 hours following the procedure. If possible, use a new pair. Sunglasses are recommended to protect the eyes when outside.

  • Remember to schedule a touch up appointment within 30-60 days to avoid paying an additional touch-up fee.

Itching and flaking may appear during the first seven days post-microblading procedure.  However, experience has shown that by following these after-care instructions, these symptoms may quickly disappear.

Allow eyebrows to scab and do not peel. Allow the scabs to fall off on their own. 

* If you are planning an MRI or other medical procedure, please inform the technician that you have had an iron-oxide cosmetic tattoo.